Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Blogs are starting to rule the world it looks like. Move over fantasy football, blogging is starting to become a huge work distraction. I started this damn thing months ago but never really got into it. I wish I started one 2 summers ago when I back packed Europe. That would have been one hell of a good idea. Because I sure as hell didn't write any journals of my travels.. How stupid. Oh well... I just read my friend Bill's blog and it's pretty interesting. He's a funny dude. I don't think mine will be that entertaining. Who's going to read this thing?? Should I be careful of what I write?? I don't know...?

I'm home for Thanksgiving. Going out tonight to the Old Town Tavern to see a bunch of old high school friends.. It's almost like a reunion.. I checked out a new mall nearby today. Pretty damn sweet.. It's called The Shops at Evergreen Walk.


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